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The Repercussions of a Drug Charge

You might face many associated repercussions if you find yourself arrested for a misdemeanor or felony drug charge. None of which are good. These include a criminal record, jail, prison, court fines, and job and family disconnection. None of these consequences are easy to face on your own, so consider contacting David L Stevens at Stevens Law Firm if you do find yourself in these circumstances.

A Criminal Record is Debilitating

Once you have a criminal record, it will follow you everywhere. Anyone that runs a background check on you will see your history, including drug and associated charges. It can be challenging to gain employment at a high-paying or good job. Often fraud or theft charges will keep you from attaining certain positions. It can keep you from joining the military, or owning a gun. You might not be able to work in the healthcare field, in childcare, or at companies that deny workers with criminal backgrounds.

Incarceration is Not Fun

If you find yourself arrested for a drug charge, whether it be a misdemeanor or felony, you run the risk of being sent to jail or prison. Jail or prison is no place to be. Essentially your fundamental human rights as a person are stripped. You can't come and go as you please. You are under lock and key. Another inmate could harm you. You have to await sentencing to either be released or serve your sentence.

Other Undeniable Consequences

As if all of the consequences listed above aren't bad enough, you can lose your license, have court costs and fines, and among the worst, lose family and friends. Often, family members won't know what to do when watching their loved ones suffer. They either end up enabling the addict or addicted person to use more or disowning them altogether. You don't want to find yourself in either of those situations.

Do the Right Thing

Drugs and alcohol can be a problem for many people. It is nice to think that The Just Say No campaigns of the 1980s would work, but it is more complicated than that for some people. Others are unlucky to try a substance at the wrong time and the wrong place and get picked up for it by police. Still, others have underlying mental health and addiction issues that contribute to their bad lifestyle choices. Either way, don't pick up that first time, and you won't have to suffer for a lifetime of poor decisions.